Teva Vitman

Teva Vitman Ltd. imports and distributes food additives to industry and institutional customers.
We focus mainly on the importation of food supplements that accompany the main production line by emphasizing high quality and of course at a reasonable price to facilitate the manufacturer in pricing the final product.
The task is not easy because consumers are aware of what is going on in the food industry today and are interested in high quality products, “green tag” products, which are constantly striving to reduce the minimum amount of preservatives.
Our customers, the food production plants, some of which are part of the largest food complexes in Israel, are now required by the Ministries of Health, Industry and Economy to meet the stringent quality standards that we are supposed to locate for them through an unbeatable search by quality manufacturers abroad.
We are in constant contact with such manufacturers who meet high standards, who are willing to think beyond the routine of “fixing” products suitable for our customers on each side and for any variety.
The products we specialize in are: soy protein products, phosphates, starch products, kerginan, tofu, natural food colors, spices, flavors, “fix” kits for food production and etc.
As part of the marketing and distribution of products, we come everywhere to present our products, consult with the food technologist.
In the factory, with the chef and the kitchen staff at the institutions, and guide them in preparation and joint production.
We provide service and distribution throughout the country and arrive as quickly as possible wherever we need the full satisfaction of our customers.
Among our clients are: Tnuva from Mother Af, Baladi, Osem, Tiv Taam, Tov Tov, Tirat Tzvi, Tibon Veil factories, Glatt Chicken, Zohar Meat and many others.
Industrial bakeries, hospitals, dining rooms, large caterers and etc.
About 200 active and satisfied customers.
We are happy to be in touch to exchange and promote ideas.


Teva Vitman
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