The Soy is a source for full protein (meaning, it contains all the essential amino acids) and that’s why the reason it is recommended to vegetarians and vegans to consume Soy.
In addition, the Soy in rich with B vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium, but low in calories, sodium and fat and cholesterol-free.
The Soybeans contain 40% (dry weight) protein, 20% oil, and nutritional fibers soluble in water in relatively large quantities.
Because of the high protein quantity stored in, the Soy is used as a substitute for animal protein. In fact, this is the highest amount of protein in any other crop.

Soy Proteins (Powders) 70% and 90% Protein

Meat Industries: Increasing nutrient value, binding material, filling material and certification 
Bakeries: thickening and filling material
Manufacture of frozen products: as filling material, adhesion, certification and binding
Other industries use soy proteins for a variety of solutions as protein, bonding and filling
To the institutional kitchen for various applications such as certification, filling, linking and repairing the nutritional value
All products are manufactured by:
Their quality is among the best in the world
Soy protein products for home preparation:
Soy products in Extrosia (Different shapes )
Flakes, chips, stripes are produced at 70% and 50% protein
In the food industry: mix with minced meat, tuna, fillers, meat substitutes and other products of the growing food industry
In the institutional kitchen: mixing with meat and tuna for savings purposes, additions to dishes, vegetarian protein, and filling of dough

Soy Milk Powder

Superior Quality Powdered Soy Protein Beverage manufactured by
Wilmar (Jiamusi) Foodstuffs Industries Co.,Ltd.
Qinhuangdao Goldensea Foodstuffs Industries Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Kerry Foodstuffs Industries Co.,Ltd.
Our activities in soymilk field
Wilmar is the biggest liquid and powdered soymilk products manufacturer in China. Products are produced from De-hull soybeans that are selected for their superior food quality characteristics and pleasing flavor. These premium soybeans ate then processed using proprietary techniques designed to maintain the full nutritional health benefits natural to the soybean while enhancing flavor and functionality.
As a world leader in soymilk production, WILMAR offers turnkey soymilk solutions, from formulation and processing to packaging and distribution. Our fully integrated processing facilities control the entire production in-house, from seed selection t processing and packaging to meet customers’ specific requirements. The results are soy products, with the highest level of consistency, quality and exceptional taste.

Variety of Soymilk Powder Serie

*Basic Soymilk Powder
38% Pro Min Soymilk Powder 32% Pro Min Soymilk Powder
18% Min Soymilk Powder (with & without cane sugar added)
15% Min Soymilk Powder (with & without cane sugar added)
*Nutrition Strengthen Soymilk Powder
Soymilk Powder – Calcium added Soymilk Powder -DHA added
Soymilk Powder – Vitamin added Soymilk Powder -Isoflavone added
*Flavored Soymilk Powder
Strawberry Flavor, Mango Flavor, Chocolate Flavor, Vanilla Flavor
Oat&Soy Milk Powder, Rice&Soy Milk Powder

Isolated Soy Protein

ISP WILPRO D series is isolated soy protein produces from NON-GMO soybean which is specially designed for use in powered nutritional beverages and bars, having very good solubility and dispersity. It’s dusty free, readily dispersible, good stability in solution, and low viscosity.
Widely used in Nutritional powder, Soy shakes, Sport drinks powder, Diary-free products, Nutritional bars, Snacks, and Liquid-based food systems.

Soy Protein Concentrate

Wilcon F is the NON-GMO soy protein concentrate manufactured by a traditional process to remove soluble sugars and the anti-nutritional factors, it has high protein content and excellent protein digestibility, specially designed for protein enrichment for foodstuffs.

Nutrition food, extruded product, meat products, power bars, energy bars, bakeries etc.

– Rich in protein and dietary fiber
– Excellent protein digestibility
– Cholesterol Free

Flavor Type HVP

What is Flavor Type HVP?


It is a hydrolyzed soya based seasoning. It can be used in a wide range of applications that require beef / chicken note and flavor enhancement.


Product Characteristics:


Provides beef / chicken flavor with roasted profile
Enhances beef / chicken aroma and taste
Classic color of beef / chicken


Vegetarian Status:


Suitable (No ingredients of animal, fish, eggs, honey, onion, garlic, leek, chives and alcohol)

Wiltex Series

Wiltex Series is one kind of Textured Soybean Flour with protein content over 50%, produced from local NON-GMO soybean, with no cholesterol or any other additives.
It ha high content of protein, low fat content, excellent fibrous structure and water absorption ability, easy to be absorbed by human being. It’s special meat-like texture promotes moisture and fat retention while maintaining excellent mouth feel, widely used in the processing of meat products, frozen foods, instant foods etc with a variety of shapes and colors.
Vegetarian products, meat products, frozen foods, instant foods etc
– Good water and oil retention capacity
– Meat like and fibrous structure
– Available in a variety of sizes and colors

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