Starch is a polymer, a multi-sugar compound made up of repeated glucose units.


Starch is a form of sugar storage available in the plant for the production of chemical energy.


Humans can digest starch and it can serve as the main energy source for most of the world’s population.


The starch eaten by humans is mainly found in edible grains and roots.


Besides being an energy source, starch, and especially corn starch, are used in cooking to increase the thickness of sauces.


The starch industry is used, among other things, for the production of adhesives, paper and textiles.

Starch is also a preservative.


Starch Types:


Potato starch, used in the food industry for filling, thickening and pasting without any side effects and without any change in the quality and texture of the product.


Processed melting potato starch, used in the food industry for injections, filling and pasting, for thickening, and does not produce any side effects and does not harm its texture.


Cargainan (Aqua Gel)

A natural stabilizer that has been diluted from the depths of the ocean and used in the food industry as a natural gel filler for increasing volume and thickness.


The material is manufactured by Aqua Gel Martison and Sons.
The product is natural and pure and is not mixed with any filling material and simile to increase the volume.

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